Noam Chomsky

We refuse to appease the bully. We will rather offer hope and a more equal world
It's obvious why business leaders want to join organisations like the Manufacturing Council that President Trump formed when he took office in January. They get direct access to the president and they can interact with their peers from other large companies - it's a no-brainer. Even if you don't personally support the political ideology of the president most business leaders would accept an invitation to be at the top table.
A fundamental change in the way capitalism works is essential. Cosmetic changes or just words, not backed by action, will not do. Otherwise, I fear for the cohesion of our societies with the demagogues and charlatans directing the anger and frustration of the masses, not at the economic system causing the poverty of the many, but towards the weakest, poorest and most vulnerable members of our society.
The benefit for the ruling class in this arrangement is obvious; the loss for society manifold. The rapid normalisation of tuition fees demonstrates neatly the insidiousness of the neoliberal ideology. Now students are consumers, they are individuals set against each other in a competition for employment so that they can service their loans.
It was Percy Bysshe Shelley who penned the line "Ye are many -- they are few." On February 15, 2003, armed with this notion
Yesterday poet Craig Laine received a thorough virtual beating on Twitter, as legions of the self-righteous flocked to demonstrate their unimpeachable 'liberality' by attempting to crown him the new 'pervert laureate'.
You can judge just how committed a politician is to selling off hospitals, outsourcing manufacturing to China, eliminating workers rights and pricing the next generation out of an education by how loudly they sneer at everyone else for being "a snob". It's an old song but it's hit the top of the charts once again thanks to Emily Thornberry.
For his latest documentary, Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?, Michel Gondry sat down with the linguist, philosopher and political activist, Noam Chomsky, to discuss his life and work.
Noam Chomsky is probably the most influential leftist on the planet right now. So when he argues the US "has shown no indication it wants the rebels to win in Syria", as he did recently in an interview with the Voice of Russia, his opinion carries a lot of weight amongst progressives...
Actress Emma Thompson, political scholar Noam Chomsky and the mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, Baroness Doreen
As Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he has taught for the past 58 years, Chomsky has long courted controversy with his criticism of the legitimacy of American power from his position on the American left...
We don't have a functioning democracy, corporate journalism is "controlled and toxic", and the right-wing press are "propaganda organs for established greed". Welcome to the world as Media Lens sees it.
What is dangerous about Kurlander's article, is the unfounded ammunition it provides for the state to continue vilification and harassment of anarchists. Kurlander argues that by calling the Boston bombing "terrorism" it frames it "as an act of war," allowing "the federal government to violate and decrease our constitutional rights and individual liberties in the name of fighting terrorism." The sad irony is that his article contributes to the State's efforts to do exactly that based on a political belief.
Bosnian Serb army commander Ratko Mladic intended to "ethnically cleanse" Bosnia, the opening day of his war crimes trial at the Hague heard yesterday.
As outlined at, fallacy is an "incorrect or misleading notion based on inaccurate facts or invalid reasoning
As we arrive into the autumn of a socially, politically and economically tumultuous year, who better to take the temperature of where we are than Father of Modern Linguistics, geopolitical guru and intellectual/philosophical titan Professor Noam Chomsky?