North West England

For decades, Northerners have had to put up or shut up. Now they have to gamble with their lives, writes Emmie Harrison-West.
Around one fifth of the UK will be under local lockdown after measures were announced.
Order already applies to Greater Manchester, other parts of Lancashire and West Yorkshire, as well as Leicester.
11 people had to be rescued from Poynton in the space of four hours after heavy rain caused flash floods in the area.
A famed jet boat has returned to the water for the first time since a 1967 crash that killed its pilot. Donald Campbell died during a world speed-record attempt on Coniston Water in northwest England. A team has been working for 17 years to restore the vessel.
'If demand does not reduce... we'll have no choice.'
Hatred in football remains completely unnecessary and any grown adult who hates people for supporting a different football club needs to have a look in the mirror
Snow has covered parts of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Midlands.
Weather warnings are still in place for large parts of the country with more snow forecast and temperatures expected to plummet
Children's life chances much better in London and cities
Britain’s small towns have the lowest social mobility of anywhere in the UK, a new ‘league table’ has revealed. The independent