northern lights

The largest solar storm for five years may have passed by without destroying the national grid, but that doesn't mean it
The aurora borealis is perhaps the single best payoff for a freezing winter in the northern hemisphere. This latest video
A rare and spectacular appearance of the northern lights over Scotland and northern England has amazed onlookers. The ethereal
The Northern Lights are expected to continue their sporadic illumination of the UK skies tonight. Stargazers were able to
Can you remember the last time you stayed up all night? Party animals, night owls, insomniacs, jet lag sufferers, vampires and the most curious of travellers, unite! There is a 24-hour city with round-the-clock activities to enjoy at your sleepless leisure.
2012 heralds the centurial anniversary of Robert F. Scott's mortiferous expedition to the South Pole. Scott and his men sadly
Icelandic Christmases stand out like a good deed in a naughty world and ever since I've returned from there, I'm droopy with the realisation that Blighty's is anaemic, commercial and sucky in comparison.
Next year heralds the start of a solar maxim, resulting in some of the most spectacular displays of the aurora borealis in the past 50 years. Here we're choosing our pick of the best places to see the myriad dancing hues of the most spectacular light shows on the planet.
Gazing in to her snow globe, Madeleine Wilson forecasts which top 10 travel destinations and trends have the edge for 2012 including, umm, Detroit...
Photo month 2011 at the East London International Photography Festival got underway this Saturday (1st Oct) with more than