Nottingham Trent University

The uni students allegedly told officers they were "spoiling their fun" ahead of the area potentially going into tier 3 lockdown.
Furious leaders and residents in the East Midlands city say they were “left to fend for themselves”.
'It carries so much more weight than a simple 'f**k off'.'
'It's absolutely shocking anyone would say that kind of thing in this day and age.'
I haven't abandoned London entirely and will continue to make frequent visits for meetings, gigs and catch ups with best pals, but for now, I'm committed to making this fine city of Nottingham my home and place of wild creative abandon. I do hope Nottingham is as excited about my arrival. Nottingham, can you hear me...?
UKIP students have finally been given the go ahead to establish a society at their university after originally being told
It seems to me, after seeing a dear friend die over a prolonged period, as he endured the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy in a last ditch attempt to gain a few more precious days/weeks with his family, that anything we can do to make the treatment more bearable, let alone more successful than some of the current treatment options, has got be a good thing.
A student has been jailed for slapping a sleeping woman in the face with his penis while his friend filmed the indecent act
Yesterday I attended a meeting of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) together with various Jobcentre Plus and DWP people in Stoke on Trent. Its purpose was to consider the above question. The Minister for Pensions, Steve Webb, was not there (he sent a supportive message).