nuclear energy

We need a new partnership whereby government, investors, unions, councils and communities work together to deliver the high-quality, low-carbon technology we need
Nuclear energy production will not make a meaningful contribution to job creation and will not lead to energy justice.
The ratings agency says Mahlobo's appointment signals that SA still wants to pursue a large nuclear energy programme.
Hackers have been targeting companies that operate nuclear power stations around America, prompting the Department of Homeland
SA’s current nuclear plans present an expansion of large scale, reliable, clean supply on which strong growth in specific renewable technologies can occur.
The current constraint on renewable energy that is included in the IRP is not based on techno or economic factors and is therefore not rational.
Are we rushing into nuclear before we've given renewables a proper chance?
For someone who left school at 16 with no desire to study A-Levels, engineer Michael Owen – or Michael Owen BEng (Hons) HNC
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Looks like NASA is taking a leaf out of the Hollywood blockbuster Armageddon. The space agency is working with National Nuclear
The idea that science is better suited to males is not only unfair and outdated, but could potentially damage the future of our energy supply. We need the skills of both male and females to be able to make the breakthroughs necessary to deliver affordable energy sustainably, meaning a diverse workforce is key.