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The question is: why is the price for nuclear so much higher in the UK than elsewhere? The British Calder Hill power station was the first in the world to generate electricity on a commercial scale, so we evidently weren't dragging our feet in the beginning...
Farron isn't convinced. "In the general election, you wouldn’t give [Ukip] a [TV debate] platform.. I mean the BNP were on
On Monday, the UK woke-up to the news that the government had struck a deal to build our first new nuclear plant in over 18 years. The 3.2GW plant, named Hinkley Point C, has been touted as a job-maker and a boost to our energy security. Worryingly, however, the design of this nuclear reactor may be flawed, potentially exposing the UK to huge financial risks, as well a gravely unsafe nuclear plant.
The scale of the energy problem is such that it becomes irrelevant whether wind turbines are ugly, or even whether fossil fuels really are causing irrevocable damage to the environment; if we carry on as we are we'll burn out in decades.
The first of a planned new generation of nuclear power plants in the UK has been given the green light by government. Energy
The government is expected to announce that it is giving the go-ahead to the first of a planned fleet of new nuclear reactors
With the huge benefits of investing in renewables, energy efficiency and demand reduction becoming ever more obvious, it's clear that there needs to be far greater scrutiny of the policy decisions that are propelling Britain towards a nuclear future.
To keep on producing weapons-grade uranium Aldermaston is clearly going to need some major investment. At a time of austerity, when families are relying on foodbanks and benefits are being cut, can we really justify adding to the already astronomical nuclear weapons bill?
David Cameron will push for massive new Middle Eastern investment in Britain's energy production on Tuesday - including cash
Japanese industrial giant Hitachi has announced plans to create up to 18,000 jobs in the UK, with plans to build up to three