Nuclear weapon

Shadow foreign secretary says party is "absolutely baffled" at decision.
Nancy Pelosi said she spoke to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss “precautions” to prevent Trump from starting a war.
Kennedy said Santa had told him recently that he was fine and was planning to deliver presents at Christmas as usual despite being in the throes of the Cold War.
Shadow foreign secretary says party should be ‘ambiguous’ about circumstances for using the Trident deterrent
The Kremlin won’t say much about a blast at a secretive Russian nuclear reactor.
The de-nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula was top of the agenda at the first meeting between North Korea and Russia since 2011. Vladimir Putin highlighted that both Russia and the US want North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons, while Kim Jong Un asked for security guarantees in order to do so. The leaders also discussed sanctions, which are currently affecting both countries.
The planned event has been described as "totally incompatible with the gospel of Jesus Christ".
A summit meeting between Trump and the North Korean leader is expected to follow.
The US President claims Russia is violating the agreement.
The two countries will discuss denuclearisation.
If this latest initiative can be made to work, not only will we all be the winners and the world a safer place, but the peoples of Korea will finally be able to draw a line under almost seven decades of conflict
In the 16 months Donald Trump has been in office as president of the United States, he has celebrated “progress” on the issue of North Korea and its nuclear weapons as one of his major successes.
'It was never credible to believe that insulting Kim Jong-un on Twitter was the solution to decades of a diplomatic impasse.'
Donald Trump is due to meet with Kim Jong Un in June.
But the US national security adviser used to want to.
Making sense of why the current US administration would scupper what was, for many, Obama's most significant foreign policy achievement