Nurses will be told to undertake hourly ward rounds while members of the public will be allowed to inspect hospitals, under
More than six out of 10 nurses have been verbally abused over the last two years while working in the community, according
A strike by up to two million public sector workers over pensions will cause widespread disruption on Wednesday, hitting
A report by nursing leaders claiming more than 56,000 NHS jobs have been lost or face the axe and warning of an impending
Either the Queen is dressing up as a Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital nurse or the nurses have come dressed as the Queen
The failure of the NHS to provide formal training for doctors and nurses from the European Union (EU) could be putting patients
The nurses who allowed elderly people to be treated with such disdain are not likely to be monsters.
Trade unions have called a collective day of strike action on 30 November, warning the government that Britain faces the
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A 27-year-old nurse charged in connection with the alleged contamination of saline at a hospital is
The founder of our greatest public service the NHS Aneurin Bevan wrote a book entitled "In Place of Fear". In 2011 we need to place employee "motivation" in place of "fear."