Old Compton Street

We have a duty to remember those we lost, to stand with those affected by these attacks, and most importantly to educate the next generation to make sure these kinds of attacks never happen again.
First thing I have to say, is that the interior and branding is really wonderfully executed, with a very cool vibe, and going a different direction than many of the bubble tea stores. The light grey walls are accented by lovely shades of green, blue, pink and yellow.
Why should politicians govern love? And who has the right to deny anyone the chance to love who they choose, man or woman?
I once took a second date to an album launch in a members club in Mayfair, only to find he could not be trusted around the surprise royal guest, finally being ejected by security for trying to 'touch' Prince Harry.
The first bit of this happened in the 60s when I managed the Yardbirds and lived in a posh flat behind Buckingham Palace. It started with a phone call. "Is that Simon Napier-Bell, the rock manager?" "That's me." It was 8.30 in the morning and I was eating my Shredded Wheat. "Who's that?" "I'm a freelancer. I've been paid to do a job on you. I've been trying to contact you for days."