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The actress gave birth at the age of 54 in June.
When news broke that Janet Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana had welcomed a healthy baby boy, I was delighted for them. Yet, despite the world's good wishes towards Janet, who reportedly "had a stress-free, healthy delivery", it was sad that most people seemed more concerned about her age.
You have a lower risk of pregnancy related stroke.
We’re constantly told we need to have children while our fertility is still at its peak, but there are lots of reasons to
Whilst women should be free to choose when to start a family based on their personal circumstances, there is little that can currently be done to reverse the underlying biological factors that lead to reproductive ageing.
Not all older mums are destined to have problematic pregnancies. At 38, I had a trouble free pregnancy and labour but it's always best to be aware of the risks so you can have the safest pregnancy possible, and try not to get too anxious!
It doesn't surprise me that so many women are choosing to have babies in their 30s and 40s. I don't have any regrets about being an older mother. I think I'm a better mother for it. And, I think my children have a better life because of it.
Older mothers are constantly told what the risks are of having babies later on in life, so here's a bright spot: if you have
I'm extremely blessed to be the mother of a wonderful, exuberant and thriving two-year-old and (in common with mothers everywhere) I'm doing the best I can for my daughter to ensure she has a happy childhood, and a safe and secure future. Sometimes that's OK, but often the journalist will prod, looking for an angle, "How do you deal with the negative view of older parents?"
In January this year, the Office Of National Statistics revealed that nearly half of babies are now born to mothers over