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Following the tragedy of Jack Marshall last week, 'Broadchurch' detectives were no nearer discovering the identity of Danny
'Broadchurch' star Olivia Colman has confessed that not knowing who the killer was until the end of filming was hard. The
How annoying were those two journalists?! Not only did they indulge in a contrived, didn’t-spot-that-coming romance despite
"Model family, 2 kids, dad's a plumber, quiet estate, idyllic market town, definition of normal, and the mum... English rose
Tough screen star Sean Bean's portrayal of a cross-dressing teacher has landed him a best actor title at the Royal Television
Okay, so we've established that 'Broadchurch' is one of the most satisfying (home-grown) TV crime dramas we've seen in an
'Broadchurch's investigation into the murder of Danny Latimer continued, with DI Hardy (David Tennant) sifting his way through
The director of 'Hyde Park on Hudson' has admitted that the success of 'The King's Speech' came as "a shock and a blow", because
Nobody in this week’s Accused was going to match last week’s Sean Bean in a dress for shock value, but Anne-Marie Duff and
To say that we're excited about the new British comedy movie Cuban Fury is something of an understatement. For starters, it