Olympic Games 2012

Almost 10 years on, the four-hour Isles Of Wonder spectacular is still an extraordinary watch - and complete nostalgia fest.
G4S - the security firm whose bungled attempts to provide enough people for the Olympic Games made headlines worldwide, is
Aidan Burley. Mitt Romney. Eight badminton players - and Boris Johnson. The London Olympics have already been full of jokes
G4S boss Nick Buckles was under pressure on Saturday night to explain why he only learned "eight or nine days ago" that his
The chief executive of G4S has admitted that the company “underestimated” the job of supplying more than 10,000 guards for
A major comedy and cultural festival due to run alongside the Olympics has been put on hold. Organisers of the first Scipmylo
Prime Minister David Cameron and the London mayor Boris Johnson clashed racquets as they took to the tennis court to raise
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Olympic Stadium will get the hi-tech fabric wrap that was ditched in the Government spending cuts
With one year to go until the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony in London, the question of how much it will really benefit the