A focus group in Newcastle-Under-Lyme showed voters hold little optimism for the future, Edelman's public affairs MD James Morris writes.
If life gets really tough, you don’t need someone to cheerfully tell you to think positively. You need one of life’s survivors, writes Jess Brammar.
If our new PM genuinely wants to build a thriving and optimistic Britain, he must focus on policies which will enhance people's wellbeing, Action For Happiness director Mark Williamson writes.
The more time I can spend thinking about my potential rather than my inadequacies, the happier I know I’ll be
Amongst the positivity and optimism for our football team, I am really worried for the volume of gambling adverts on television
If it does get set up and (presumably) wants to be successful in changing enough people's minds and/or win a second referendum on the terms of the final deal then it needs to learn from previous communications mistakes about how to engage with the public on Europe.
I am sure that there is a perception that there must be a link between mind and body. Hence the expectation that if one remains positive, then the body will heal itself. As a cancer patient, one is struck by the positive approach that other patients take on as they undergo treatment with an admirable sense of optimism, until they die.
Give one (or several) of these a try the next time you're feeling low. Happiness looks good on you. A previous version of
And we're off! Charging down the street with the wind in our hair, a walk-sprint with a waddle. Toddler finally in the buggy and baby in the carrier, merrily rolling along the pavement. I'll admit that we've left the house a little late, but it's a miracle that we've made it out the door
There is certainly a lot of truth in the idea that everything is better in moderation, but I speak for all the sensitive souls out there when I say that I am proud of my ability to be empathetic, compassionate and caring - and that I will not apologise for.