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Ore Oduba’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ win has put him at the centre of a bidding war between the BBC and ITV, according to
'This was the most incredible experience of my life.'
Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton have lifted the Glitterball trophy, after being announced the winners of this year’s ‘Strictly
This year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ showdances were worth the wait, with all three of the couples in the final pulling out
This week, the judge's scoring paddles lose their value with the decision about who lifts the Glitterball trophy resting solely with the public. For the first time, YouGov has carried out a poll of those planning to vote on Saturday night to get a feel for how the race is panning out.
What would be a crowning glory on this series though is seeing Ore Oduba winning the Glitterball Trophy. Here is someone that has only ever danced at wedding discos before and has now shown that with dedication and application, what a complete novice can achieve on the dancefloor.
Tensions were running high in the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ semi-final on Saturday (10 December) night, but it wasn’t the dancers