Palestinian Territories

Your guide to the political row that is rumbling behind the world's kitsch-est singing contest.
The lack of agreement means that everyone loses. Insufficient energy has contributed to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Israel continues to face the threats from an unstable situation and criticism for its policy towards Gaza, the PNA does not have the revenue stream and BG was left with a stranded asset.
Street artist Banksy has opened a hotel just metres away from the wall that divides the Israeli and Palestinian territories
This kind of animosity toward a U.S. president is "certainly unprecedented," an Israeli analyst says.
Today marks a symbolic victory for those who believe that an Israeli-Palestinian peace is only possible if both sides are treated as equals. The European Parliament voted yesterday to change the name of its "Delegation for Relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council" to the "Delegation for Relations with Palestine" by 344 votes to 282.
George Osborne has questioned Baroness Warsi's decision to quit after the Foreign Office Minister dramatically stormed out
Flyers are getting mixed messages about whether it is safe to fly to Israel after a Hamas rocket landed around a mile from
Israel is stepping up its ground offensive in Gaza, as reports surface that at least 60 people have died in one bombardment
Israel has held a joint funeral for the three slain teenagers kidnapped earlier this month, whose bodies were discovered
The West's experience in Iraq should have offered a lesson about nation building or destroying. Before there can be a Palestinian state all parts of that proposed state have to be at peace with each other and dedicated to peace with Israel.
What would life be like in a prison camp? We can postulate about dirty, cramped conditions but few of us will ever experience anything remotely resembling such an ordeal. It is even hard to imagine. The only given is that we would live in hope of being liberated from our nightmare. We would expect to be rescued as quickly as humanly possible.
A viable Palestinian state obviously requires territorial concessions on the part of the Israelis. It also depends on the Palestinian willingness to abandon the spirit of Arafat's resistance that has contributed nothing to the well-being of the average Palestinian.
A picture of what appears to be the back of a Palestinian boy's head in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle has been posted
When both sides have a claim to this small but strategically significant piece of land, the way to resolve the issue should be through negotiations between the parties, just as the EU is calling for. Why then has the EU prejudged the outcome of those negotiations by taking the Palestinian side of the argument?
An Israeli policeman examines the damage to a school classroom hit by a rocket fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza
A BBC reporter was urged to take cover by the programme's presenter as missiles from Israel screamed overhead and loud explosions
If the IRA were firing rockets into mainland Britain from Ireland on a daily basis, we would retaliate and bomb the Falls Road.
Raemer is part of a clowning group that plans to cheer people up in the air raid shelters Raemer contacted Shahwan over the
Palestinians carry an injured man from a bombed building in Gaza city after the second attack on the building in two days