A new variant of coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, has been identified in the UK and may be growing faster than existing variants of the virus, according to health secretary Matt Hancock. It’s thought the new variant could be the cause of rising infection rates in London and the south of England, which will be put under more stringent Covid restrictions from midnight Wednesday as a result.
This pandemic has not been the great leveller: it has thrived in the chasms of a deeply unequal society, writes Ash Sarkar.
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority said wage hike would "not reflect the reality" faced by people during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Resits, advance notice of topics and more generous grades are meant to compensate for the interruption to education during the pandemic.
More than 100 keen crafters around the world have come together to form a ‘quarantine quilt’, stitching together a picture of how we’ve experienced the pandemic.
110 people have contributed designs that reflect their experiences this year.
Due to the pandemic, people are leaving cities to experience the great outdoors – but is the grass really greener on the country-side?
In 2011, the actor appeared in the pandemic-themed drama Contagion.
This is the heartwarming moment Betty Meredith, 91, surprises her husband Kenneth, 96, in his care home after being more than a month apart due to the pandemic.
A podiatrist explained how the Covid-19 pandemic is changing WFH — working feet at home.