Parks and Recreation

Mean Girls, Parks And Recreation, Riverdale and Malcolm & Marie are among the highlights.
Twitter exploded with excitement at the two “Parks and Recreation” stars hanging out.
Brent Briscoe has died following a fall, at the age of 56. The actor, who was best known for playing Detective Macklay in
How could Star Wars possibly be better? If you mash it up with Parks And Rec, obviously. That's what YouTuber Jordan Wilmore
On Saturday I took part in my first 'parkrun'. This is a weekly 5k run organised by volunteers and held in 305 park locations across the UK (and 561 in the world). Once registered free of charge, runners receive a barcode that allows them to receive their result after each run, which can be in any participating park.
Aziz Ansari has branded Rupert Murdoch a 'racist piece of shit' In the wake of the Paris attacks which left 17 people dead
BRING. IT. BACK. Or you will have some seriously aggressive tweets to deal with. There's only one way to fill this horrible
What do you get when you mash-up the scary 'Jurassic World' trailer with the slightly less scary 'Smallest Park' episode
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Chris Pratt as loveable Andy in 'Parks and Recreation' Big screen success did
Walter Benjamin once said that 'it is not books that live inside the reader, it is he who lives inside them.' The aforementioned Swansonian interpretation of Moby-Dick is utterly representative of the man...
Gents! Doing Movember? Then why not gen up on the history of the moustache - courtesy of Ron Swanson Nick Offerman. As he
Although my school days are over, late September still feels like the New Year. It is again this time of the year when I'm looking forward to watching television.
Hoorah! It's a preview of season 6 of 'Parks And Recreation' that we can actually watch across the Pond! Yes, while this
A trailer which imagines our favourite acerbic brunette, Aubrey Plaza playing our favourite acerbic brunette cartoon character
Well, look who's been hanging out by Buckingham Palace: That's right - the 'Parks And Recreation' gang are gracing the capital
Some people may dread that women will come on and talk about periods. I don't. I dread that the next 20 something white middle class male will come on and do some inadvisable and ill-conceived material on rape or pedophilia or something being LITERALLY the funniest thing that ever happened, when it LITERALLY is not.
Gentlemen! Doing 'Movember'? Slightly embarrassed about your rather weedy, mid-November, excuse for a moustache? Fear not
Oh dear. We've just lost nearly 20 minutes of our lives immersed in this super-blooper reel from The Office, which comes
Want to see a bunch of actors messing up, cracking up and occasionally being really rather potty-mouthed? Then take a little