From empty statements on migrants to calling Black Lives Matter a "moment", many have become disillusioned with Keir Starmer's party, writes Shahed Ezaydi.
The intricacies of the EU referendum were impossible to understand, so we voted for different versions of patriotism we now feel obliged to defend, journalist Joanna York writes.
Not only is his rhetoric louder and more bullish, Johnson's apparent willingness to pay heavily for the sake of national pride is more brazen than ever, Dr Katy Hayward writes.
The five things you need to know about politics today
Whether it's coming home or not, as a diverse gathering of people least likely to be seen as English celebrate wildly with each other, this is a World Cup of a perceptible shift in the meaning and tone of Englishness
We should be careful with patriotism and never let it veer into prejudice and sneering bigotry towards others
Yes, we should celebrate our country's exceptional strengths, whilst being able to accept our country's weaknesses, especially from those whom so many consider the 'other', if we are to ensure Britain reaches it's full potential.
For the Left to reclaim Englishness cannot be done by ignoring the diversity of the working class it's seeking to appeal to, nor by simply erasing what Englishness meant to many people. It means understanding that this identity meant many things, some were good, but many, unfortunately, were not.
My confession to the local Labour Party did not go down so well. Horrendous farts have had a better reception. My comrades were polite enough and I thank them for their tolerance. Nonetheless, I was a lone voice. Yet I am not alone.
If you think about your mother, hopefully you can stop an erection in its tracks. If you've done enough Kegel exercises, you