paul golding

'When they saw there were people speaking with logic, it wasn’t for them.'
But another video broadcast live on Facebook at the time tells a slightly different story as to why they left in such a hurry
'Muslims should go back to the desert where they belong.'
Yet despite all this only a small crowd gathered to “protest grooming gangs” and, according to the Shropshire Star, listen
Paul Nuttall has wiped away a tear during a speech in which he attacked “evil smears” about his claim he witnessed the Hillsborough
Elsewhere, Golding has only been out of a prison for a week, having been jailed in December for breaching a court order not
'Every day he spends in that hellhole brings him closer to death.'
Britain First’s claim that Paul Golding’s life is in danger as he has been imprisoned alongside hate-preachers and Islamic