paul scully

Tory MP Paul Scully made the claim as he announced he is quitting parliament.
Tory MP had been talking about parts of London and Birmingham amid the Lee Anderson Islamophobia row.
Paul Scully has been condemned by a Conservative mayor and a minister.
Paul Scully made the remark moments after calling for a more "sensible use of language".
Nadine Dorries fumed, Boris Johnson lobbed a grenade, Paul Scully was snubbed and Nicola Sturgeon protested her innocence
Khan's predecessors Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson served two terms as mayor of London.
Gasps as young woman explains how she is faced with a huge mortgage hike following the market turmoil.
Paul Scully said that in his opinion Boris Johnson did not “knowingly” mislead parliament.
It comes after Truss' Russian counterpart said their talks were like a conversation "between a deaf and dumb person".
Paul Scully claimed the UK should not "live under government diktat for a moment longer than necessary".