people smuggling

Britain’s National Crime Agency is working with its partners following claims that the wrong person was caught in an operation
The Albanians are being held by the Home Office, pending consideration of their cases.
Two Britons have been charged with people smuggling after a boat carrying 18 Albanians across the English Channel started
An Iraqi man suspected of heading a criminal network that allegedly smuggled hundreds of migrants into the UK has been arrested
A British aid worker and former soldier who tried to smuggle an Afghan girl into Britain has avoided a prison sentence. Rob
There is no rule of law and much of the state infrastructure is crumbling with government employees complaining about not being paid. And it's here in Tripoli where the Italian investigators traced Ghermay to, where they believe he's living and from where he manages his multi-national human trafficking business. And it's here he will carry on operating, safe in the knowledge he can't and won't be caught - no matter the protestations and political pledges to crack down on the gangs and the networks. Because Libya is anarchic and that means the smugglers can operate with impunity.
Some 68 people have been discovered locked in a shipping container at Harwich Port in Essex. Seven people were taken to hospital
There will always be poor and oppressed people, struggling, seeking safe havens. To stop people from seeking legitimate asylum from persecution is to engage in it and perpetrate it. If you had to stand by and watch Jewish children loaded onto wagons for the concentration camps, what would you do? What could you do? I have no muscle and a small voice. But I'm raising it in anger and frustration.