Pete Buttigieg

The Democratic Party's nominee to challenge Donald Trump won't be confirmed today. But it could make one person unstoppable.
Longshot candidate ends his campaign before 'Super Tuesday'.
The Vermont senator drew most of the attacks onstage in Charleston. But it might be too late to stop his march to the nomination.
"I want to be brave like you," Zachary Ro told the openly gay candidate at a rally in Denver.
The Vermont senator triumphs in contest in first racially diverse state. Can anyone stop him?
The left-wing senator hopes to be swept to power by a grassroots network and a pro-worker agenda.
The 38-year-old came into the US elections largely as a political unknown, but he’s been a surprising candidate in the 2020 race.
Former vice president Joe Biden is in a surprising fourth place after limited results released.
“I’m not prejudiced, but by golly, a white male in this country has very few rights and they’re getting took more every day.”
30 people are dead in Texas and Ohio after the massacres which happened within just 13 hours of each other.