Pete Wishart

Andrew Bowie objects to the term being used at a parliamentary committee amid call for accuracy from Scottish National Party.
SNP MPs are not happy. Parliamentary rules were introduced last year to bar Scottish members from voting on English matters
There's something interesting going on in the opinion polls and, unfortunately for our friends in Scottish Labour, it isn't the battle for the top spot. If the opinion polls are to be believed - and that's with the usual cautionary big 'If' - it's the battle for second place that is proving to be the most intriguing.
SNP MPs could vote against changes to England’s foxhunting law because it is akin to “dolphin slaughtering in Japan”, a senior
The SNP has officially complained about ministers with no "experience" answering questions at a House of Commons session
The coalition has been accused of being "patronising and stupid" for putting out a 12 point list on why Scots should vote
The government has revealed that one illegal immigrant has left the country as a result of its "Go Home" van campaign. Immigration