peter kyle

Labour MPs revive plans for "Kyle-Wilson" amendment for a "confirmatory" referendum, setting up a parliamentary showdown in October.
Peter Kyle tells HuffPost UK the Labour leader should stand aside if he cannot win his own majority after any vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson's government.
Leading 'public vote' MP Peter Kyle scathing about latest Tory tactic.
But cabinet ministers said to be "curious" about the Kyle-Wilson plan.
Shadow chancellor offers ray of hope for anti-Brexit campaigners.
PLP tensions continue - this time over 'I, Daniel Blake' director
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has been urged to publicly dissociate himself from Ken Loach after the film maker declared
One activist said the MP was 'not going to be difficult to unseat'.
Jonathan Ashworth said Kyle, a former aid worker, was a “great Labour MP”, adding he “knew [Kyle] would be terrific when
Jeremy Corbyn has said he would not “interfere” if the local Hove and Portslade Labour Party moved to deselect its sitting