'Forget making money for one day, let’s make more memories with the ones we love.'
A petition urging Theresa May to prevent shops from opening on Boxing Day has gained the support of hundreds of thousands
She was told she could wear boys clothes or find a new school.
A transgender schoolgirl in Kent was forced to hire a solicitor after her school threatened to suspend her for wearing female
Student union officer Mahamed Adbullahi said God Save the Queen was 'outdated' and 'doesn't even bang'.
The university’s student union has refused to take a stance on playing the song, saying it supports “every student’s right
A petition for a second EU Referendum signed by more than four million people has been turned down by the Government. The
Petitions are one of the worst forms of 'crowdsplaining' and they really annoy me. I don't know whether they're so irksome because they're utterly useless, or because if they actually worked they'd be so detrimental to reasoned democracy.