It's like Shazam for coronavirus – and Pfizer are interested in buying up the app.
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla brought up the possibility of a second COVID-19 booster shot as cases of coronavirus continue to dip in some areas.
Pfizer is preparing to submit data that shows the effectiveness of a second booster jab.
"Our hope is that protection against hospitalisation and death will remain intact."
This gap between your Pfizer jabs is said to give you the best balance of immunity and protection against Covid-19.
Antibody levels alone do not predict vaccine effectiveness, researchers say.
Researchers also said the vaccine protects people against the Wuhan and Kent strains of coronavirus.
In the US, pregnant women can choose to have the vaccine. Here's how it's working.
It means the Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs may not need to be modified to protect against the strain.
Research in Cambridge also found a single dose cuts the number of asymptomatic infections.