Scientists discovered sooty particles in pregnant women's placentas
'Celularity will be receiving the placenta and umbilical cord for a steal, as no one really knows what it's worth – because it is priceless.'
The placenta is an organ that develops in your uterus during pregnancy.
The placenta is the gatekeeper for a foetus, allowing a mother's nutrients to pass in one direction while waste passes back into the mother's bloodstream. It produces hormones to encourage foetal growth and offers protection against most bacteria, although not against viruses.
Aside from having no proven benefits, eating your placenta could actually harm you and your baby, a new study has suggested
The woman who made Coleen Rooney'splacenta pills has opened up about why she decided to start making them. Danielle Kinney
Holly Willoughby has waded in on the debate about eating your own placenta in pill form after giving birth. The mum-of-three
Coleen Rooney is celebrating the birth of her third son by eating her own placenta. The mum-of-three shared a photo of her
It's a subject I hoped to never write about again, but thanks to our friend Kim Kardashian, I'm back talking about 'placentophagy' - otherwise known as eating your own placenta. Yum yum!