police violence

The former Minneapolis police officer was convicted in April of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.
The president pushed for police reform through the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act passed by the Democratic-led House.
US Police kill around 1,000 people every year. A small fraction are arrested, and even fewer are actually convicted.
Chauvin's trial has become the latest bellwether on efforts to address police brutality and systemic racism in America.
Prosecutors dismissed a claim pushed by the defence that drugs played a major role in Floyd's death.
Disturbing video of the incident offers a glimpse at how police are responding to peaceful demonstrations.
Floyd's death sparked demonstrations throughout Minneapolis for the second day in a row. The city's mayor has called for charges to be filed in the case.
Police helicopter and body camera footage shows the moment two California cops killed Stephon Clark, an 22-year-old unarmed black man, in a hail of gunfire.
For vulnerable people like Leyla and Ahmed the road ahead is fraught with danger, and until refugees are provided with safe passage across borders the threat of violence or abuse will shadow them at every turn.
Despite the problems they face, all the vulnerable children I spoke to at the Street Child Games were looking forward to the Olympic Games in Rio this year. The power of sport to inspire and transform lives is immense - how much better it would be if that was harnessed without any harm being committed at the same time.