In the village of Miejsce Odrzanskie in Southern Poland, no boys have been born for nearly ten years. Girls in the village are being taught skills that were previously considered traditional male roles, from administering first-aid to fighting fires. Boys are so rare in the village that the mayor is offering a prize to the first parents to have a son. But with the youngest firefighter-in-training just two years old, the girls aren’t letting the lack of men stop them from achieving their goals.
Post-referendum we have witnessed increased levels of physical and verbal violence as well as acts of vandalism towards EU nationals and other minorities living in the UK. Disturbing as these events are it is important to note that the Polish community also received great support and many acts of kindness from the British community. Politicians, community leaders and ordinary citizens voiced their shock and horror as well as assured us that it Britain is open to all.
But the danger that the anonymity of social media brings is that it allows particularly pernicious individuals to spew their hate online without any real-life consequences for themselves. This was illustrated to me at a young age, when someone made a fake Facebook account of my older sister and uploaded pictures of her with swastikas drawn on her face.
I'm standing up for the Poles and it's about time someone did. Ever since the WW2, when Polish spitfire pilots played a critical, essential role to winning the Battle of Britain, they've felt severely unappreciated and now even more so after the flabbergasting Brexit result.
So other than avocadoes, hummus, kebabs, bus drivers, nurses, doctors, traffic wardens, cleaners, childcare, football, Eurovision, taxi drivers, scam emails, Bollywood, paving, yoga, tennis, rhythm, KFC, McDonalds, back stabbing knives, less racism, carnival, clean toilets, curry, money, telemarketers, what have the immigrants ever done for us? Nothing.
Online forums and Facebook groups of EU migrants already bear testimony to the fears that many migrants have in relation to their rights to continue living and working in the UK. There is a need, more than ever, for reassurance and a consensual political and institutional responses to anti-immigrant and racist acts against migrants.
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Why do foreigners come to the UK and want to work and settle down here? It is precisely because you are a great country. When prime minister David Cameron launched the "GREAT" campaign in 2012 he was right when he said, "There are so many great things about Britain and we want to send out the message loud and proud that this is a great place to do business, to invest, to study and to visit."