While polls and markets might agree Joe Biden is the favourite, the markets see no room for complacency, writes Sarbjit Bakhshi.
This is what happens when polling data gets filtered through beer goggles.
The network released a poll showing 51% of registered voters favour impeachment proceedings against him.
Just 11% of Americans said they'd heard a lot about E. Jean Carroll's allegation against him, a new poll finds.
The first thing to remember is that while Trump’s ascent to the presidency in 2016 was certainly a surprise, the polls were not wildly inaccurate
'The fight to clear up our plastic waste should be led from the top'.
Polls are politics' data-processing sausage factories - most people don't care how they work, they just want them to be right. They want to trust to them. The willingness is there, evidenced by an onslaught of surveys following the last election. This appetite, married with a commitment to transparency and investment from the pollsters, is good news. Indeed, anything that provides informed objectivity outside our social media filter bubble must be championed.
Thursday's result could give the impression that the country has made a clear decision about its future, but our work suggests otherwise. If Theresa May does win significantly, her challenge will be to represent the majority of the country who do not see themselves in her government. If Labour lose, the party's leadership team will need to account for why they have increasingly become an irrelevance to the working class Corbyn isn't of, but is so keen to represent.
You may not have time now, but that's ok, there are plenty more chances. You may not have the motivation, that I cannot help with. But know this, every time you complain about something of governance whether nationally or locally, what is your answer to the question. Why don't you do something about it?