You'll need a residence band to complete this exercise. Start with the band above your head, then pull both arms to the side
There are several causes of period pain, and one of the biggest ones I see is a structural issue also known as a wondering womb. This is where the uterus is no longer in her optimal position, she can be too far forwards, backwards, to one side or another and even flexed over in either of these positions.
It's common to lie like this during an Alexander lesson, whilst a teacher works with you to help you release tension, but it's also just great thing to do for yourself between lessons and as an ongoing practice. And if someone starts to bother you whilst you're doing it, point out to them that you're busy, doctors orders!
Good posture isn't something you do, it's the by-product of not pulling yourself out of natural balance/alignment. It is bad posture that is caused by doing. Evolution has left us with postural reflexes that work just fine if we don't interfere with them. But why do you pull ourselves away from poise and ease?
The head balances on the spine much higher up than many people realise, if you point your fingers right below your earlobes, in line with the bottom of the nose, that's the axis around which the head articulates with the spine to allow it to nod forward and back.
Next time you're in a public place take a second to look at the posture of those around you. Chances are the majority of
Cynical click-bait headline aside, I'll cut to the chase, they don't work. There, I said it. But let's look at why that is, there are three main reasons...
Going to the osteopath to fix your pain is like rebooting your computer instead of reinstalling the software. Better still, the Alexander Technique allows you to rewrite the software altogether.
We absolutely, shouldn't be treating technology as the enemy as it's here to stay but we should be encouraging and adopting healthy digital habits ourselves so that we can 'show and tell' our children, leading by example to avoid the 'but you do it' witty retorts.
It worth noting though that the body is a complex system with lots of working parts and it can often be difficult to identify the exact cause of pain, particularly in the low back. So if you are experiencing pain it is important to seek the help of somebody suitable qualified, such as a physiotherapist or chiropractor.