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Confusion arose after chancellor Rishi Sunak publicly voiced his support for the campaign to include more representation on legal tender.
The Japanese firm Softbank is to take over British chip designer ARM with no objection from the government, despite Theresa May's recent questioning of the wisdom of takeovers of British companies by overseas entities.
It is very widely believed that lowering the value of the pound must increase inflation. Monetarists have always claimed that any gains in competitiveness from a lower currency must be offset by rapid price increases. But what might seem obvious needs to be checked against the economic statistics - and they tell a very different story.
A "Plan B" on currency arrangements for an independent Scotland "implies settling for what's second best", Alex Salmond has
As soon as anyone suggests that the UK exchange rate is too high and that the pound is overvalued, there's an immediate reaction - and not usually a good one! But the problem is that the high pound is causing us all sorts of difficulties and it's affecting every man, woman and child in the UK right now, today.
To enable us to compete in the world and to get back to full employment, we need an exchange rate which is about one third lower than it is now. A more competitive pound would bring back more, better quality jobs to the UK, contributing to a thriving economy.
What is going to happen to the UK economy over the next few years? The general consensus is that the worst of the recent crisis is behind us and we can therefore expect modest growth ahead. However, my pamphlet published by Civitas on 25 March called 'There is an Alternative', paints a much gloomier picture of the future if policies remain as they are. With a radical change in policy, which the pamphlet explains in detail, the UK economy could grow at 4% to 5% per annum on a sustainable basis, unemployment could be made fall dramatically, debts would get paid off and the economy would become far better balanced. How much of all of this is realistic?
Former chancellor Alistair Darling, head of the Better Together campaign, wrote in a blog on the Huffington Post UK that
So, CPI inflation in the UK has reached a record high of 5.2% since CPI data began, matching the previous record of September 2008. This is now the 22nd month in a row that the Bank of England has missed its target - and not just by a little amount.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Supermarkets have stepped up a forecourt price war by cutting petrol prices for the second time in a