Read more on The Huffington Post The pound’s value has crashed to a three-year low against the euro, after Theresa May confirmed
As the ambiguity continues, the short and long term effects are yet to be seen clearly and what sale they are at, so overall it is early to come to a conclusion. Nevertheless, the recovery of the pound will take some time and will come at a price.
The dive in value was bigger than historic Black Wednesday.
FTSE 100 makes a slight recovery after losing £122bn in value Swiss central bank intervened in currency markets to limit
Today, almost every country uses a system of fiat money, which we may define as "currency that a government has declared
The Scotland referendum vote is going to be closer than we think come 18th September. The Yes Campaign has the wind in their sails but is it going to remain blowy enough to see them actually split from the UK and if they do, what will an independent Scotland mean for the UK and the new country?
Ed Balls has indicated that he could resign as chancellor if a future Labour government proposed joining a currency union
Former chancellor Alistair Darling, head of the Better Together campaign, wrote in a blog on the Huffington Post UK that
Alex Salmond has reassured Scottish voters that an independent Scotland would still keep the pound, the Queen as its head
It is clear that the SNP's version of independence is not full independence and that could be detrimental to Scotland. The report supported by the Scottish government to retain the same welfare set-up with the UK has been the latest report to exemplify this point.
The ten things you need to know on Tuesday 23 April 2013... 1) 'YOU'VE GOT TO SPEND MONEY' Ahead of this Thursday's potentially
George Osborne has suggested an independent Scotland would not be able to keep the pound as its currency, as he spoke of
The euro fell to 15-month lows against the pound and 16-month lows against the dollar on Thursday and could fall further
Interest rates must rise by five percent now, not stay low nor creep up a little at a time, or they, and inflation, will