Power Cut

Friday's blackout had “nothing” to do with changes in wind speed or the variability of wind, the National Grid said.
King's Cross station shut completely while Merseyrail and Thameslink are among the many train lines affected.
Spent Christmas in the dark, eating peanut butter sandwiches round a couple of tea lights? Been washing in a freezing shower
More than 300 million people were left without electricity in India on Monday after a huge grid failure. In one of the worst
A blaze at a goods yard which ran underneath an electricity line caused almost 90,000 properties to be without power this
In Afghanistan you get power cuts every day, lots of them. There are times I admit that I do get a little frustrated with the internet going on the blink, particularly when you are in the middle of email sex with someone who is four time zones removed.
"Their deaths are a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made by the men and women of our military and their families