Prenatal testing

In the UK, pregnant women are screened for life-altering conditions in their baby, including Down's syndrome. Don't Screen Us Out is campaigning to help women make an informed choice about what they do next.
"I was in limbo – and nobody and nothing could rid me of my fear."
a local laboratory for analysis, using an NIPT test such as the IONA® test. During pregnancy, the placenta leaks DNA from the baby into the mothers bloodstream.
Before I had Orange I would have mistakenly and quite offensively believed that life with a disabled child would be tragic and terrifying, joyless, isolating and punishing, and that the hardships would far outweigh love. Being frank, I would have believed it to be the end of any life worth living. I would have done anything to avoid it.
Giving birth to a stillborn infant is a tragedy for any parent and their family. These babies die either in late pregnancy or during the process of giving birth; deaths earlier than 28 weeks are called miscarriages.
Today, I'm speaking at the Pacific Health Summit on the importance of harmonising the regulation of diagnostic tests. Having worked in diagnostics for over 20 years, it's frustrating to see people dying for the lack of a simple diagnostic test when tests such as those for HIV have revolutionised our approach to healthcare.