Plus, some other, research-backed ways to keep calm and carry on.
There needs to be more investment and policy action to help people, particularly in mid-life onwards, to stop smoking, have a better diet, drink less alcohol and do more exercise.
Midwives, Doctors, healthcare professionals, and maybe most significantly, bereaved mothers are mainly in favour of the ban. Mums who use them are against the ban and think I am being a killjoy. I completely get the appeal of home dopplers, if they had been around when I was pregnant I probably would have bought one. But that was before I was aware of all the risks they pose.
"I've spent most of my life saying I'm fine". That's how Prince Harry started a very honest and candid interview about his
Back in 2010 the coalition government asked Andrew Dilnot to lead a commission on care funding. He duly reported in 2011 with his proposals including a cap on the cost of care. The government - rightly in my opinion - then in 2015 decided not to implement the cap, set at £72,000, and 'postponed' its implementation until 2020.
The first month of new training is so booby-trapped that Lara Croft would find the obstacles tricky to negotiate.
Leaving La Gomera harbour for the last time on Wednesday morning for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, there was quite
It is a dis-spiriting re-run of delayed revelations of abuse in so many public institutions who have allowed children in their care to be abused and then spent years refusing to see the truth. In a sense, we have all colluded in not seeing the truth.
The brain develops the connections according to what it experiences in those formative early years - those experiences are in the context of relationships. If your environment is one of violence and aggression, most likely the 'fight or flight' response will be overly developed. You will be more likely to over-react to situations of stress, and use aggression or violence.
The failure to seize on this major public health and public mental health issue will be detrimental to children and young people's health, both now and in the future. So we join the growing voice of concern around childhood obesity, but call for a wider focus which addresses both the physical and mental health needs of children and young people.