If there had been higher prices on ‘unhealthy’ food when I was a kid, I would have gone to bed hungry
We need our prices to reflect the value of what things actually cost to produce. Coffee quality control at COMSA cooperative
With marketing departments facing increasing internal pressure from their finance and sales teams to cut costs, it's become vitally important to identify new mechanics that can meaningfully justify their spend to the Board, particularly as marketing is now being seen more as a cost that can be cut than an on-going investment.
In a recent Huffington Post piece, I wrote about two types of show at the Edinburgh Fringe. In normal 'paid' shows, the audience
A lot of performers at the Edinburgh Fringe are there simply to get publicity, not to get big audiences. Getting bums-on
Despite a faltering start, Nintendo’s 3DS could become the big seller this Christmas, according to a report in MCV. The Metallic
I started a business. It made me want to drink copious quantities, smoke myself into oblivion and hit my head against a brick