Primal Scream

She was also known for her work with New Order, Pet Shop Boys, A Certain Ratio and Bernard Butler.
Queen of the Internet Chrissy Teigen treated her Twitter followers to a primal scream along with the tweet “I feel like we don’t scream enough”, and it’s giving us all the Monday feels.
Primal Scream’s guitarist Robert ‘Throb’ Young has died, the band’s publicist has confirmed. Robert was one of the group’s
Little Barrie's is a sound that travels and, what's more, is appreciated in the US which remains a nation of musical fusion with rock'n'roll to the core the staple that informs Americans' musical tastes.
Alan McGee the man who gave us Oasis, Primal Scream and The Jesus and Mary Chain on Creation Records, has returned to the musical fold, which - for anyone even remotely interested in British music - is a welcome development.
As The Beatles' 'Tomorrow Never Knows' fades out over the PA, the feedback groan of Barrie Cadogan's Gibson splits the air, a white umbilical guitar lead coiling obscenely into the amp. Five minutes into the gig and the band has put a grip on a crowd who twist with delight in the dark womb of the club.
News that The Rolling Stones will headline Glastonbury Festival for the first time in their 50-year-career has been greeted
The Rolling Stones have been finally confirmed as headliners for this summer's Glastonbury Festival after months of rumours
They never let you down them Scousers. While I'm at it let me say I'm writing this on the day that THE TRUTH has finally been exposed about the Hillsborough disaster. Respect to the family's of the 96 for exposing the lies of Thatcher's government. With my hand on my heart I salute you.
Escalier 39, my new film company with Dean Cavanagh, makes its first real-life movie next month Kubricks which will be shot in the grounds of my gaff in Wales... The musical with Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh now looks back on and as I write, meetings are being put in place to get it moving along...and speaking of meetings, I am also going to meet some people in Japan who want to bring me back into music.
In truth, I grew up in a violent household, just like most Glaswegian households of that era - no more or less really than any other from that time. I ended up getting 16 stitches in the back of my head after a bit of parenting from my dad when I was 15 for being cheeky. My mum and gran used to smash me about as well, it was just a different time then in the 60s and 70s.
Today sees the ninth anniversary of the death of a legend and hero to not only me, but a whole generation. That legend was Joe Strummer - born John Graham Mellor - and his band was The Clash.
X FACTOR Romeo Frankie Cocozza has finally started living up to his rock 'n' roll image after a heavy night on the tiles
Now, I'm on record as saying that 'You Only Get What You Give' is an example of pop songwriting perfection, so I had a look. It turned out the Tory party had used the track at their conference, one of that shower of bastards walked on, or off, stage to it.
I'm glad musicians care about stuff like this, I genuinely am. But I really wonder why it is necessary for anyone who isn't involved in the political process to so vehemently stick for or against a party.
One of political journalists' favourite distractions during political party conferences is to pick apart the lyrics of the
It's officially festival season, but if you haven't spent the night in a tent yet do not fear... Thanks to Monkey Shoulder