Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

PM says US democracy "strong" despite what he calls "toings and froings" in wake of presidential election.
Prime minister and European Commission president say "conditions for finalising agreement are not there".
The UK Prime Minister speaks at a press conference on imposing the new lockdown restrictions on Greater Manchester, after talks earlier today collapsed without agreement.
In the middle of a national crisis, the prime minister has chosen to spend time fixing a problem which does not exist, Laurie Lee writes.
For both Covid-19 and Brexit, pressure from within the prime minister's party runs against the public mood, Anand Menon and Alan Wager write.
Whatever happens now, nothing will undo Boris Johnson’s misjudgement, arrogance, or refusal to apologise. Trust that is lost does not return, Jonathan Lis writes.
British prime minister Boris Johnson has spent a second night in intensive care battling coronavirus – and there are concerns that his absence has left a power vacuum in Number 10. Meanwhile US president Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw World Health Organisation funding, accusing it of being "China-centric". The city at the centre of the outbreak, Wuhan, has ended its nearly three-month lockdown. It comes 100 days after the Chinese government announced the detection of the virus.
Boris Johnson is reshaping his top team in the first reshuffle since his general election victory.
The two leaders have already reportedly agreed to pursue an 'ambitious' UK-US trade deal.
NHS campaigners surrounded the prime minister's battle bus in Derbyshire.