prison reform

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The former EDL leader will work with Gerard Batten on "rape gangs and prison reform".
President Trump and Kanye West met in the Oval Office to discuss criminal justice and prison reform.
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If more celebs took a leaf out of Kim Kardashian’s book, it might not break the internet, but it could end up making a real difference
The closure of Holloway prison could yet become a catalyst for lasting change, if, in its place, we offered homes and constructive community support to address the core issues that repeatedly trigger offending. This would be a real legacy for social justice and could help substantially reduce the female prison population in the process.
Transforming our expensive and flawed prison system is one of the biggest challenges we face in Britain today and the government-backed Lammy Review - to be finally published on Friday this week - could be just the catalyst for change we need.
At present, we have no reason to believe that Lidington grasps the scale of the challenge or has any plans at all to turn things around. But perhaps that is the most revealing part of this Queen's Speech: we have a Prime Minister who has lost her majority and her authority, attempting to lead a Government with no plan.
We hope that the Justice Secretary is genuine in his commitment to ensuring that the UK's prisons will seek to transform the lives of those in custody, so they can contribute positively to the communities in which they live and benefit society as a whole. It is time to make more earnest efforts to combat the cycle of reoffending.
Ten years ago a radical change was called for in the treatment of women in the criminal justice system... This will not only change the lives of women at risk of offending and their families, but will also benefit society as a whole.