It's not just Facebook that can share your data with others.
Officers can now access all the UK's fingerprint databases on their smartphones.
The government has finally woken up to this huge potential for data collection on the British public. It isn't a huge leap to imagine that once they have sucked dry the mobile phone networks, they will turn to Google and co and legislate their way into getting their hands on yet more data. At that point, individual privacy truly would be dead.
We already know that our smartphones can give away a frankly scary amount of information about ourselves but researchers
You get home after a great night out. You're thinking you'll be a bit tired for tomorrow morning's meeting but it was worth it to see your friends. You're just about to put your keys into the lock, when the door opens. The lock's broken. You move from mellow to misery, via terror, in about half a second. You've been burgled, done over, invaded. Your deadlock's deadbeat.
And as sharenting and social media use continues to rise; more pictures than ever are expected to be shared online this month as tens of thousands of mums and dads post the infamous back to school snap.