private schools

Now the cracks in our education system have been so publicly exposed, we can't continue to ignore them, Diyora Shadijanova writes.
Choosing your child’s school is one of the worst parts of being a parent. Having just completed my son’s secondary school
At the opposite end of the scale from free education, the rich are paying through the nose for exclusive private schools.
Betsy DeVos wants to expand school voucher programs throughout the U.S. Get ready for that list to include schools that promote Scientologist doctrine.
Early last week, St Olave's in Orpington, one of the UK's leading grammar schools, made the news after it told a handful of its Sixth Form students that they could not return for their final A-Level year since they did not secure high enough grades in their exams. This move has been dismissed as draconian, no less by the parents of affected students.
What hurts and angers me the most is the thought of these young people being exposed to such caustic attacks on their personhood/intellect due to their colour.
St John's needs to radically confront themselves, their legacies, the failures of non-racialism and take action.
St Johns College has retained a teacher accused of multiple acts of racism towards learners despite some parents wanting a dismissal.
We all face the dilemma whether to send our kids to private or state school.  However, for most people it's not a dilemma. Paying out on average £6-8k a term - perhaps triple that if you have more than one child - is simply a privilege reserved for the better off.
Quadruplets Zachary, Aaron, Nigel and Nick Wade have more in common than DNA: they’re all brilliant. All four of them have