"They’re happy to take all of the profits, hoard them and then turn to the taxpayer when it all goes tits up," the SNP MP said.
"Chaos on our trains, buses that people can't afford and raw sewage on our beaches - that is why change is needed."
Growing numbers of Tories are speaking out in opposition to its privatisation.
A survey by the Royal College of Nursing also revealed 1 in 18 agency nursing staff have not even been offered a single dose.
Controversial system still unable to reach nearly 40% of those who should be self-isolating.
Firms with no history of supplying the products they were paid for, a business linked to Brexit lobbyists, and a dormant company were among the beneficiaries.
Labour accuses government of failing to learn lessons of Carillion collapse.
Policing minister Kit Malthouse said the government could only influence their wages through minimum wage increases.