Monday marked the launch of the 'Great British Procrasti-nation' report: the first ever in-depth look at the nation's procrastination habits. I admit ,I admired the playful pun for a while; it didn't last long.
Each time you engage in a habitual behaviour, you are rewarded with a small amount of a brain chemical called dopamine. This chemical produces the internal experience of "this is how it is supposed to be." The more you do something, the more likely it is to become an unconscious habit.
We don't intend to drink two bottles of wine when we specifically said we were only going to have one glass. That I would call weak-willed. Falling into the world-wide-web I would label as procrastination. And when we say we have learned our lesson and will never date someone 'like that' again, we genuinely mean it.
Excuses. We all make them. Monthly. Weekly. Daily. Even hourly. To others, but mostly to ourselves. And, it's likely that these excuses that you come up with, are holding you back from creating the success that you want.
When high expectations are held of us from an early age we can start to nurture an internal drive to meet the standards set for us and feel chronically unhappy or dissatisfied if we don't achieve the level of success we set out to accomplish. This develops into perfectionism in adulthood and results in the relentless quest for excellence.
Recent research shows that our phones are proven to be affecting the way we talk, think, have sex, eat and even go to the loo. We have become slaves to technology, only this time, our hands are handcuffed to our phones. Those red circular icons on our home screens have become our very own version of a newborn baby crying out for attention.
Buzzfeed and bloggers aren't stupid, they all know that the most clickable content currently exists in the format of 25 Reasons It's Great To Have No Direction In Life or 8 Ways To Find The Hottest Guy Ever. I'm as guilty as anyone for clicking on 9 Reasons It's Ok Not To Be 5'9" and it's countdown counterparts, but here's 6 reasons we should go cold turkey, even for a day...
What were you supposed to be doing when you started reading this column? Chances are, you had a to-do list and this wasn't on it...
It's easy to be swept along with the motions of life. You have an idea about what you want, but life events and circumstances sweep you up and time quickly moves on without your awareness. But how much do you have to let the waves of life drag you along?
I'm not even sure what it is that I'm addicted to. Perhaps it's the constant access to content that might make me laugh or cry, or maybe it's the daily contest to see if anything I say on Twitter or Facebook will get a reaction, or perhaps it's just the feeling it gives me of always having something to do. Either way, it can't be healthy.