project fear

The Bank of England governor also hit back at suggestions he is peddling 'Project Fear'.
He may well be right, but if he's to become our new undemocratically imposed head bureaucrat, we may also be about to realise that reality can be much more frightening than even our wildest imaginings.
Every time there is any political debate, economics takes the front seat, and it's not just economics - it's the markets
This week Tory MP after Tory MP on the 'leave' side of the EU referendum campaign, has come out with a clearly premeditated and orchestrated use of the words 'Project Fear,' to attack those of us on the 'Remain' side of the argument. Anyone versed in successful campaigns knows that you have to rebut dishonest attacks quickly. Now is the time for rebuttal.
The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has been exposed this week doing the very thing he accuses of his political rivals - using fear to back up a false argument. In a speech in London on Tuesday, he claimed that the National Health Service would come under increasing pressure if the United Kingdom broke free from the European Union.
Against this backdrop, this referendum is not a motion in the popularity of the SNP, nor about what big businesses may or may not do after Independence. Instead, it is a referendum is about you, the individual and your worth to Scotland.