proportional representation

Elections to ruling body to go ahead under proportional system expected to boost "moderates".
Brexit has clarified for many what has been a far longer trend – the fracturing of the two-party system in this country.
‘Norway for now’ is potentially becoming the preferred fall back position for ‘Remainers’ refusing to accept defeat in the
The sooner we in the UK catch up with them, the better
It is no wonder that Westminster is in shock and panic about the current allegations. Far from being a little local problem, it threatens to bring down the whole fragile house of cards. Yet we know what we can expect. Some kind of inadequate sticking plaster will be found to place on what is a deep, festering wound of cover-up, bribery and blackmail at the heart of our democratic system.
People are switching their party allegiances at astonishing rates - and our voting system is failing to keep up. And all this undermines the faith voters have that that seats in Parliament will reflect the votes they cast.  This lottery approach to running elections means we have no idea what will happen or how votes will be reflected in our elected Commons.
After the recent Electoral Reform Society's report that 6.5million people voted tactically in the last election rather than
This is an exciting phase in the ERS' history. It's an honour to be taking over from Katie and I look forward to continuing her efforts to improve how our politics works.
Yesterday Theresa May launched the Conservatives' manifesto. There was a lot of talk about 'moving forwards'. But one pledge stuck out as doing the exact opposite.
Yes, the Conservatives are likely to win the General Election according to the latest polling. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't all do everything we can to oust them and to stop them inflicting yet more misery on the poorest and most vulnerable in our country.