We’ll soon be able to start using new inclusive emojis, including wheelchair users, a guide dog, prosthetic limbs and a hearing aid. The emojis will launch as a part of a large keyboard update by Apple this autumn. Other updates include new food items, such as a waffle, falafel, a slab of butter and garlic, as well as new animals like the sloth, flamingo, orangutan and skunk.
She specifically asked for a prosthetic penis, to help with the role.
The fashion model did this "to show there is another side of life, and you can be happy with the cards you were given."
Karamel is believed to be the first squirrel to be given prosthetics.
Model and activist Lauren Wasser, who lost her right leg in 2012 and now her left, was suffering from severe pain.
I recently posted pictures of my new prosthesis on social media and it caused a stir. My "selfie-esteem" was bolstered by "likes" and smiling emojis, but offline I was asked why I wanted to share something so personal and that maybe these things should be hidden away...
Meet Prosthesis, the massive and utterly glorious walking exo-skeleton... The best thing about it? It's not the usual concept
What do you do every day to make you superhuman? Put on a batsuit? Maybe wear glasses? Or take the contraceptive pill? Wellcome