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The ability for This Girl Can fans to be able to self-identify with those they could see towering above them on the billboards or on their TV screens was what encouraged them to get out and find the best way for them to get active.
Another Protein World campaign has come under scrutiny from body image campaigners and commuters, who fear it could send
With summer 2016 just around the corner, it's hard to imagine almost a year's sailed by since the hubbub surrounding Protein
When I first heard that Protein World had released a new advert, I began sharpening my claws. After all, this is the brand responsible for the infamous 'Are You Beach Body Ready?' billboards. But when I watched the 'New Year, New You' advert, I felt compelled to speak up - surprisingly, even to myself, to defend it.
Protein World's advert asking onlookers if they are "beach body ready" has proved to be just as controversial in America
It's the "body shaming" campaign that caused widespread backlash and disgust. Now the infamous "Are you beach body ready
Well here's a shocker for you: your company looks sexist and I'm not using your app. Perhaps instead of spending your budget on splashing your offensively degrading posters all over the London transport lines you could use it on replacing your copywriters.
We are all, men and women, subjected to this marketing strategy of "You don't look like this. Look at all the fun, all the happiness, all the sex this person is getting. Buy our product to BE like them."
Last month, the advert designed to promote weight loss aids caused controversy when it featured across public transport in