It is one thing to have protesters lining up to buy their coffee in Starbucks, and their food in supermarkets, while claiming
It may not be a picture-perfect wedding but one bride-to-be has put on a brave face and will walk down the aisle at St Paul's
Protests against the global financial system which have seen huge demonstrations in New York's Wall Street will spread to
The names of 120 servicemen and women who died serving in Afghanistan have been read out at a protest in central London to
Thousands of people are expected to join a protest outside Parliament on Sunday as part of a demonstration against the Government's
A group of women dressed as butchers and businessmen assembled in a Central London location as a form of feminist protest. No it wasn't an inappropriate PETA demonstration against animal cruelty, but rather opposition to an international "adult entertainment" trade summit held in Bloomsbury.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Around 35,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Manchester as the Conservative Party conference began
In the aftermath of the riots, we are now trying to figure out what caused them. 'Figure out' in this case means finding someone or something to blame.
Travellers threatened with eviction from the UK's largest illegal settlement have vowed they are going nowhere as hundreds
However, despite what seems like an overwhelming victory for anti-fascism on the face of things, I can't help feeling a little stood-up. This was no victory for 'people power', as in effect, the 'power' of the people to voice opposition to the far-right's ideology was as curtailed by the blanket ban as much as the EDL's.