Babies as young as six months can understand a wide vocabulary, contrary to traditional belief, scientists claim. New research
This is a loss to the music world. Whitney gave us much; the greatest selling single of all time by a female artist as well as the harsh lesson of the effects of a destructive relationships and drug abuse. RIP Ms Houston, we learned from the best, we learned from you.
For a man who once listed 'idleness' as his guiltiest pleasure, the novelist, screenwriter, journalist and viticulturalist William Boyd doesn't half get stuff done.
In my headhunting days, I would trawl LinkedIn for suitable candidates. I would make a shortlist of people from initially hundreds after quickly glancing at their online profiles. Shocking? It's no different to doing it in real life.
The truth is everyone has stuff from childhood. In fact the perfect parents do not exist - if they did you would never leave home. Also we ALL develop systems and coping mechanisms that come from past experiences or traumas.
Earlier this month, I wrote in the Huffington Post about being on a Storywarp panel which discussed the techniques and nature
As mentioned in a previous Huffington Post blog, last century I interviewed Terry Nation, who created the Daleks for the
One mantra for racists in Britain used to be: "They all look the same to me." In 1986, I was in a group of people who went
What we in the West are only now beginning to grasp, Buddhists have known for 2,500 years. Psychological research is increasingly focusing on the role of compassion - a key virtue in Mahayana Buddhism - in treating a whole range of mental health problems, but especially depression, social anxiety, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and issues related to harsh self-criticism or deep-rooted feelings of shame.
Doctors should to look to Shakespeare to explain their patients’ symptoms, according to a new study. Analysis of the Bard’s